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Storage of luggage and other items

The goals and growth strategy of our company – City A2Z LIMITED, as well as our constant drive towards development and improvement of the services we offer, helped us add one more service in our portfolio – namely the  „storage of luggage“

This service allows us to offer the client who waits to move into his new home or anxiously expects the end of his planned repair works an opportunity to storage items and luggage in our storehouse

Our storehouse is convenient for temporary storage of furniture, office equipment and office archives. This service is accompanied with preparing an inventory of the office furniture or inventory of the archives assigned to storage

For the sake of your safety, we also offer an insurance of the declared value of your luggage and security observation of the room.

We hope that this additional service will be of great use for you and will significantly reduce the stress of the relocation itself, thus
reasserting your good impressions from our work!

Moving services


A2Z LIMITEDis a company with extensive experience in providing moving services in London and across the country. The high level of professionalism of our team in domestic (house) and office relocations in London and throughou t the country allows us to offer significantly better performance, reliability and high quality than competing firms.

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